Top Prize for LifeScan Project

Medical device manufacturer LifeScan and combined heat and power specialist ENER-G have recently been awarded a top prize for industrial low-carbon energy generation in the Industrial and Commercial Category at the Combined Heat and Power Association annual awards.

Since installation in April 2012, LifeScan’s Inverness site has reduced its carbon footprint by 625 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to the environmental benefit of removing more than 200 cars from the road or of the carbon dioxide sequestered annually by 512 acres of forest.
ENER-G worked with Hulley & Kirkwood and Merrill Technologies to deliver the project. Hulley & Kirkwood produced the feasibility study, unit selection and initial design for the integration of the CHP engine to Phase 1 & Phase 2 Lifescan facilities. We have subsequently carried out further feasibility studies earlier this year for Phase 3 of Lifescan Inverness and the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Facility in Wales.
CHPA Director, Tim Rotheray

“These awards are a tangible recognition of the industry’s successes at transforming the way consumers’ energy needs are met. When so much discussion centres on the challenges of making projects work in an uncertain world, it is fantastic to see these exemplars delivering tangible benefits to consumers.”