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Gas turned on at Laggan and Tormore

Laggan is a gas condensate discovery, located west of Shetland approximately 126km from Sullom Voe Terminal and 400km from St Fergus. Laggan was discovered in 1986, subsequently an additional well was drilled by Total in 1996, this well disproved the presence of an oil rim.  Two appraisal wells were drilled in mid-2004 leading to a reserves revision.  Tormore is a richer gas condensate discovery discovered 16km south west of Laggan at a depth of 610m and was discovered by Total in 2007.

HK were appointed by M&E Contractor G & A Barnie to provide M&E design and simulation services for the AWA buildings on the Total Oil & Gas £3 Billion Laggan Tormore gas processing facility on Shetland. The AWA buildings included the central administration and control building, the warehouse and workshop facility and the main site gatehouse. HK designed the connection to site wide district heating and cooling networks, provided resilient M&E plant design features for the administration and central control facility, designed the necessary air over pressure requirements and took cognisance of the various ATEX zones where relevant to the design. We also provided regulation compliance simulation services through our BRE Section 6 self-certification credentials and provided the pathway for the required building air tightness, and overall U value performance as well as the overall M&E strategies to confirm building regulation compliance with Section 6 Energy.