West Dunbartonshire Schools

New modern accommodation at Goldenhill & Bonhill Primary Schools.

The £12m West Dunbartonshire Schools Project, funded entirely by West Dunbartonshire Council consists of two new build primary schools - Bonhill Primary School and Goldenhill Primary School.

Bonhill Primary School

Bonhill Primary School is a 220 place school on a brownfield site built opposite the existing smaller school. The design was developed after consultation with all stakeholders including teaching staff, parents, governors and the school children. The building consists of a ring of teaching spaces enclosing a protected external courtyard space, which can be used for both outdoor dining and learning without fear of the courtyard being subject to misuse out of hours.

Bonhill Primary School received a Commendation at the Glasgow Institute of Architect’s Awards in 2011.

Goldenhill Primary School

The new 270 place Goldenhill Primary School is located in the Hardgate area of Clydebank, built on the existing site of the existing school. The new single storey building had to be carefully considered in close consultation with Historic Scotland and the West of Scotland Archaeological Society due to its close proximity to the Roman Antonine Wall and Roman Fort of Duntocher.

In terms of provision, Hulley & Kirkwood have applied all the relevant features required in modern primary school operation which included looking at the provision for ground source heat pumps all taken from their experience in design of M&E Services in schools.

Both schools have been designed to deliver high quality buildings with safe, up to date facilities and modern accommodation to meet the demands of changing Scottish Curriculum.