Facilities Management

NHS Lanarkshire Primary Care Estate

Condition Survey.

HulleySFM was employed by NHS Lanarkshire to survey and report on the condition of the fixed mechanical and electrical Services installed within their estate. The survey findings were used to enable a database to be developed to record their overall property condition and estimated repair costs. The survey looked at individual properties in respect to the condition of the mechanical & electrical elements of the properties. The properties were also inspected for Legislative Compliance and a measurement survey was also undertaken to establish the actual usable area of each property.

The surveys entailed development of a pro-forma questionnaire which was issued to the estates personnel for review and completion. This allowed for any useful knowledge to be gained on a site by site basis. Individual teams were deployed to complete the surveys, Project Managed by HulleySFM and Currie & Brown.

Regular meetings were held with the Programme Manager and NHS Lanarkshire Estates personnel to review progress and clarify any queries.

The surveys entailed 58No. sites with circa 180 properties over the Lanarkshire region, equating to 157,800 sq.m (1,700,271.00 sq.ft). Properties surveyed were from a range of buildings including hospitals, health centres, offices, industrial units and specialist needs facilities.

The project was completed on time and within budget, delivering the current condition of existing estate properties with indicative costs to repair/renew elements. This information, when inputted into their database, will provide NHS Lanarkshire with valuable information on the current condition of their properties to allow an expenditure plan to be developed to ensure their assets are managed and maintained accordingly.