Specialist Gases

HulleySGS is a specialist gas design services division of Hulley & Kirkwood. We are committed to providing a service dedicated to maintaining the high standards expected of specialist gas services within the healthcare sector. Our Consultants can be involved at all stages of the lifecycle of a medical gas system, from outline brief, to validation and design all in accordance with the HTM 02-01 and SHTM 02-01. We can also offer independent advice for specialist gas systems within the education and industrial sectors. Our commitment is to quality, based on the knowledge that the medical gas system is a life support system and therefore we ensure that all engineers are fully trained and work to the latest guidelines.

HulleySGS are also heavily involved in the preparation of new and improved standards, such as the Scottish HTM 02-01. We are independent thereby ensuring we are not influenced by other organisations or companies and carry out work across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. We can also provide services for oversees clients.

The involvement of HulleySGS during the preliminary and construction stages allow clients to deal with their normal day to day operations, safe in the knowledge that the design, installation and validation is being managed by HulleySGS.

Design, Design Review and Specialist Advice

HulleySGS can provide a specialist design and advice service from briefing through to detail design. We are fully conversant with the relevant design requirements and design standards, such as; Department of Health, HTM 02-01, Health Facilities Scotland SHTM 02-01 and BCGA Codes of Practice. We can also provide 3rd party, independent design review services.

Installation and Compliance Inspections

HulleySGS are fully conversant with installation guidelines and good practice and will ensure that systems are reviewed and inspected in full. We can liaise with main contractors, and review and report on the quality of installation, recommend changes and regularly monitor and assess the performance of the specialist medical gas contractors and the competency of their staff.

In addition we can carry out inspections to establish if the systems installed are compliant with the current design and installation guidance. This service includes site inspection and compliance report with recommendations, preparation of medical gas installation drawings, schematics and schedules.

Feasibility Surveys

HulleySGS can provide various survey reports such as feasibility reports for new existing and extension of existing installations. The report will set out specific findings and recommend solutions to meet current guidelines.

Validation and Verification

HulleySGS can provide a comprehensive Validation and Verification service. Typically recognised as the Contract Supervising Officer (CSO) the duties can include design review, site inspections, preparation of inspection reports, assist in the preparation of the commissioning programme, review validation method statements, review as installed drawing & operation and maintenance manuals, witnessing all medical gas carcass and functional tests, attendance at Quality Controller (MGPS) tests and finally sign the system off.

Authorising Engineer (MGPS)

HulleySGS provide Authorising Engineer (MGPS) services. The AE (MGPS) are registered with IHEEM on the voluntary register for Authorising Engineers. As such, all work carried out by our AE (MGPS) is monitored and regularly assessed by the IHEEM authorising engineer panel to ensure that the Authorising Engineer follows the Codes of Conduct set out by IHEEM. The AE (MGPS) services can encompass all the tasks from performing audits of medical gas operational management policies, advice to Authorised Persons (MGPS) and assessment of AP (MGPS), amongst other duties.

Medical Gas Training and Workshops

HulleySGS offer various courses such as Authorising Engineer (MGPS) pre-AE interview workshop, Authorised Person (MGPS) refresher, Competent Person (MGPS) refresher, Manager’s Medical Gas familiarisation. The courses can be customised to suit your particular needs. Please contact us for details.