Sustainability & Energy

At Hulley & Kirkwood, we are always looking at methods that we can adopt to better our performance and delivery as a whole to our clients. With respect to sustainability, building certification, and energy certification, we have our own in house division known as HulleyECO who are qualified in the fields of low energy and sustainability design and are actively involved with research groups at the University of Strathclyde. Complimentary expertise in building simulation facilitates a complete platform for low energy projects.

Design capabilities range from combined heat & power, tri-generation plant, day-lighting optimisation, PSALI Lighting, natural & hybrid ventilation, displacement ventilation, passive solar design, solar hot water systems, photovoltaics, building integrated wind turbines and rainwater recovery. Our ability to model design proposals at early design stages allow for an optimal low-energy strategy to be developed and energy savings to be assessed. A holistic and virtual assessment of building performance is available before any construction has taken place.

HulleyECO’s simulation capabilities include; dynamic thermal simulation, day-light modelling air-flow modelling, solar shading modelling and indoor comfort assessment.

As a company we strive for both sustainable and innovative solutions as part of the M&E design.