Our Collaboration

We are team players; our approach is always to promote and ensure inclusivity of design by all parties, be they part of the stakeholder group, capital build, facilities management or end user. Major elements of our designs include innovative, energy efficient and sustainable approaches and these require all members of the integral design team and client buy-in to the concept production and execution of these elements. Our goal is to be part of a high performance team unit with the common goal of not only meeting, but exceeding the end users expectations in terms of building form and function, value for money and energy efficiency.

Proven collaborative working within the team is fundamental to the successful completion of any project and we have a proven track record of teamwork. Collaborative working within the team greatly contributes to the co-ordination of inter-disciplinary design co-ordination. This, with the normal design team progress and technical meetings, ensures communication on all design aspects including programming, buildability and cost control throughout the project.