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Single Living Accommodation Modernisation.

SLAM is a £1.2Bn project presently underway with the Ministry of Defence and Defence Infrastructure Organisation, for the provision of new and refurbished, modern living accommodation for soldiers, sailors and airmen of all ranks throughout the MOD Estates in the United Kingdom. The accommodation varies in terms of specific needs on particular establishments, together with further variants depending on rank and seniority. The project includes the consideration of a variety of renewable solutions, including solar panels for hot water heating, bio-mass boilers, photovoltaics and wind power.

The project is being undertaken and delivered by Debut Services Ltd, a joint venture between Lend Lease Construction Ltd and Babcock Support Services Ltd. The supporting Supply Chain is full and comprehensive, being managed to provide the complete project facilities and services through the Prime Contract route.

The project was to be carried out over an initial five year period.  A second 5 year phase was awarded in 2007.  At the end of 2012 project SLAM were awarded an additional 14 projects, 12 of which are currently being constructed and 2 have been handed over into acceptance.  The project is now in year twelve of the contract with approximately 20,500 bed spaces now completed and handed over. The works incorporate modular as well as steel frame new build buildings for accommodation together with the refurbishment of existing buildings, some of which are of listed status.

While the original concept for the SLAM project was to be the provision of accommodation, the duties have been extended to now include, infrastructure works and mess facilities for all ranks. The mess facilities vary according to the needs of the specific establishment, from a standard mess with kitchen and dining facilities, to one incorporating social and welfare facilities, such as quiet rooms, bar, lounge, internet café, shop and hairdresser.