Bathgate Partnership Centre

A new centre bringing council and community services under one roof.

West Lothian Council and the design team accomplished to timescale a £5m programme of works that fulfilled a vision to generate proactive and integrated new offices and community facilities.  The existing council offices were demolished in 2009 and on this site emerged a 2,550m² stylish building, created on a concept of shared working space strategy to provide the benefits of a working environment offering cohesive council services and at the same time providing operational and logistical efficiencies.  Practical completion was achieved in August 2011. BDP and Hulley & Kirkwood worked on pulling together a strategy which would meet the client’s aspiration for a high rating of EPC which would meet and exceed the statutory requirements.  On completion of the construction of the building, an energy performance assessment was carried out and the EPC rating of A was achieved.

Hulley & Kirkwood developed a low energy services solution including mixed mode displacement ventilation system for the office spaces, as well as the incorporation of specifically sized opening windows for natural ventilation.  An on-site LZCT in the form of a CHP unit satisfies base load heat demand and contributes to on site power demand, thereby displacing a proportion of energy from grid power and centralised gas fired heating.  Extensive dynamic simulation modelling was carried out to determine the optimum envelope performance, natural ventilation performance and extent of mixed mode variable volume displacement ventilation required to maintain comfortable conditions with maximum heat recovery and minimal power and heat demand.

Extensive work was undertaken on the mechanical and electrical services at an early stage in the design process to ensure capital expenditure was not adversely affected by the energy efficiency requirements. Integration of the services with the structure of the building ensured that costs associated with builders work for services was minimised. Concentration of services distribution within the ceiling void at ground floor level and the raised access floor at first floor level reduced materials required and associated costs. In providing a one-stop-shop by effectively combining five separate buildings, the running costs have been considerably lower than those in the individual buildings.

Billy Weir, Chairman at Bathgate Community Centre Management Committee said...

“Many thanks to all those involved in the planning and delivery of this excellent project and in the strong links that have been established with community groups and public in what has been a very exciting project and the overwhelming response from our user groups this far has been extremely positive. I congratulate West Lothian Council on delivering an excellent community facility and for the process they adopted in ensuring we were fully involved throughout.”

The building was objectively judged by the Carbon Trust Scotland as the winner of the Low Carbon Building of the Year 2012 and also received a Silver Award 2013 in the "Building & Construction Scotland" category of the Green Apple Awards.