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Help for Heroes

A place for recovery in a military environment.

Hulley & Kirkwood provided Mechanical and Electrical Design services on the £9m Accommodation Building PRU and the £13m Rehabilitation Centre.

The site is directly linked to Hasler Company, a company of Royal Marines set up to help injured servicemen recover, rehabilitate and reintegrate either back into full military life, or back to civilian life.

The project utilises the latest low carbon technology to achieve the stringent environmental requirements laid down by the local authorities. These technologies include high efficiency ventilation heat recovery, ground service heat pumps and solar thermal collectors.

The accommodation block includes sustainable solutions including ground source heat pumps and solar thermal installations.

The rehabilitation building will receive approximately 1MW of heat input from the energy from the waste plant being built for MVV.

Bryn Parry, co-founder of Help for Heroes said...

“The intention is to create a recovery centre where guys can go after receiving initial treatment at Headley Court. There are a lot of people whose injuries are very severe. We need to create a place where these guys can go and recover in a military environment. It will not be a convalescent home; it will be a place of opportunity.”