New Regional Headquarters for Airbus.
Barnwell House which is located at Filton in Bristol is named after Captain Frank Barnwell who was a driving force behind aircraft such as the Bristol Fighter, Bulldog and Blenheim.  It houses 2,400 of Airbus' 4,000 Filton based employees.

Hulley & Kirkwood were responsible for the detailed design and co-ordination of all mechanical, electrical and above ground drainage systems on behalf of Emcor Engineering.
This highly sustainable project utilises a natural ventilation strategy to provide fresh air for the occupants of all open plan office spaces. The building incorporates three levels of open plan office space with four full height glass atria. Air is entrained into the occupied office spaces by motorised louvres which are mounted within all external elevations; the air then passes through the office space to the central atria where it is discharged to atmosphere at high level.
The electrical services comprise an advanced lighting control system with an L.G.7 compliant lighting scheme throughout.