Titanium Machining Facility

Services design futureproofed for further extension.

This £18m development is Phase I of a new titanium machining facility in Samlesbury. Phase I consists of a new purpose built machine hall of 55,000 square feet and ancillary, office and support accommodation of 35,000 square feet. The support facilities are provided via 2 No. two storey wings of accommodation on the east and west elevations of the building. The machine hall itself is a single volume with a maximum height of 13m. The incoming LV supply to the building was provided via 4 No 1.5 MVA transformers which provided the necessary N+1 requirement. Central DI and compressed air plant were provided to serve the requirements of each titanium machine. The M&E distribution is installed via an extensive high level service gantry which supports each machine aisle and gives the client flexibility for the future installation of machines over a two year period without affecting the operation of those machines installed at day one.

The Phase II requirement has still to be finalised, however, the likely size of the Phase II machine hall will be approximately 70,000 square feet.