Listed & Historic Buildings

Kilwinning Abbey Clock Tower

An 1816 Clock Tower & Heritage Centre refurbishment

Hulley & Kirkwood were involved in the £30k refurbishment of Kilwinning Abbey Tower Heritage Centre on which we provided detailed design drawings for the Heritage Centre and iconic Clock Tower. To further enhance the historic stonework, discrete cabling was utilised for all surface applications mainly within the spiral staircase with brighter, more efficient lighting. Further up the Tower, the Clock mechanism was complemented with a discrete yet enhancing lighting system. A suspended track system was employed here to highlight the intricate workings of the locally manufactured mechanism, with it being the central feature within the Tower.

Andy Baird, Chairman at Kilwinning Heritage said...

“On behalf of the volunteers from Kilwinning Heritage, thank you to Hulley & Kirkwood for the understanding you showed to our limited ideas for improvements and upgrades to the 200-year old Kilwinning Abbey Clock Tower, which we run as a small museum. Thanks to modern lighting systems, visitors can now view the intricate workings of the unique clock mechanism much more clearly, and appreciate the stonework and timbers of this old building.”