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STEMFest 2017 – Giant Squid Challenge

Hulley & Kirkwood teamed up with Building Plymouth and other local Consultants and members of the Construction Industry to support STEMFest 2017 "Giant Squid Challenge".

The aim being to promote careers in the Construction Industry to Primary and Secondary School children, using the vehicle on an exciting theoretical project at the National Marine Aquarium (NMA) in Plymouth.

The brief that these young future Engineers, Architects and Surveyors had to meet was to create the first exhibit in the world to house a giant squid.  Using the wonderful facility that is the NMA as a back drop and their ceaselessly enthusiastic staff to whip the students into a more than excited state and drawing on our experience of designing the Shark tank at the NMA and wildlife enclosures at Bristol and Paignton Zoos, we helped to focus the students thoughts into thinking about sensitively lighting the exhibit, creating a thermally comfortable environment with just the right level of water composition and filtration to keep the Giant Squid alive and flourishing and to make the most attractive visitor attraction they could.  Several hundred students later, the focus is on the pupils to collate their designs and present them next month for judging.

Q&A sessions with the children gave a fascinating insight into many of the important things we might forget as designers, but are of key importance to young minds  - "How do you build a mermaid"? "Why are jelly fish called jelly fish"?

This was a fantastic event for introducing young minds to the diverse opportunities within the industry. 

We cannot wait to see the outcome of their hard work and some of them joining the industry in the future.  

We are already looking forward to next year's event... perhaps, a virtual reality ice rink?  Santa’s workshop? Who knows, but it will be a big challenge to live up to this year's fantastic event.