Our Innovation

At Hulley & Kirkwood, we are always looking at methods that we can adopt to better our performance and delivery as a whole to our clients. With this in mind, we look to encourage innovation and innovative working practices within the company and continue to develop and implement such practices.

Innovative design solutions and practices have included:

  • Addressing effective and sustainable low energy designs utilising computer simulation modelling.
  • Design practices which allow off-site fabrication and modularisation resulting in minimising waste, optimising impact of transportation and improving quality.
  • Assistance in standardisation development on repeatable rooms in the healthcare and education sectors including engineering components all worked up to exemplar designs.

Our company played a key part in developing these studies which resulted in demonstrable benefits to our clients and end users.

With respect to our own internal processes within our company, we continually review how we work. We have highlighted Knowledge Management and how this is distributed around our business as one of our critical success factors and have developed, along with the University of Strathclyde, our innovative Knowledge Management system which is accessed by all, ensuring the correct information/knowledge is passed to the right person at the right time, efficiently.

With respect to sustainability in our own facilities, our HulleyECO team are currently formulating proposals which we will apply as part of our ISO 14001 procedures.