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St Aloysius College - Sports Complex

A new sports hall for St Aloysius College has been built to the highest standards of energy conservation.

The building comprises changing rooms, spin room, multi gym, dance studio and terrace on the ground floor, with a multi-purpose sports hall and café on the first floor and a viewing gallery above. The upper panelling is perforated, providing high level light into the sports hall and enlivening the building façade when it is illuminated.

As part of the design development, Hulley & Kirkwood undertook lighting analysis and modelling for the sports hall to achieve the client’s aspiration for natural daylight. In conjunction with the architect this involved reconfiguration and design of the roof lights within the sports hall to achieve the desired solution.

The design and location of the roof lights afforded the opportunity for the installation of approximately 60m² of photovoltaic panels thereby reducing utility demand and carbon emissions of the building.  

The energy use within the building is further reduced by the use of;

  • Natural ventilation of the main sports hall via 4 passive ‘wind-catcher’ terminal units.

  • High efficiency LED light fittings.

  • High efficiency low NOx gas fired boiler plant providing low temperature hot water for heating etc.

  • Refrigerant based cooling systems to dance studio, fitness / gym suite and IT hub rooms which utilise high co-efficient of performance ratings, and minimal global warming potential.

  • Water outlets with flow restrictors.


  • New sports multifunctional facility.

  • Passive ventilation strategy.

  • Solar PV’s.

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