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Specialist Gas Services

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Hulley SGS

Hulley SGS engineers provide our “specialist gases” design and consultancy service. With extensive experience in the healthcare sector our engineers provide expert advise on Medical Gas Piped Service (MGPS) systems. In addition to this our engineers also offer independent advice for specialist gas systems within the education and industrial sectors.

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Registered Authorising Engineer MGPS service

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NHS Estates Guidance for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (HTM 02-01) guidance

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Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (SHTM 02-01) guidance

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A Medical Gas system is a critical life support system and accordingly our Hulley SGS engineers uphold an uncompromising commitment to quality. Our engineers can provide support at all stages of the lifecycle of a medical gas system, from outline brief through all stages of the design process to installation validation on site, all in accordance with the NHS Estates guidance publications HTM 02-01 and SHTM 02-01.

  • Design, design review and specialist advice

  • Installation and compliance inspections

  • Feasibility surveys and studies

  • Survey and development of as-installed drawings

  • System validation and verification

  • Contract supervising officer (MGPS)

  • Authorising engineer service (MGPS)

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Our expertise in design and technical support has been put to use on some of the largest and most important healthcare facilities in the country and we have supported clients and contractors alike to ensure that finished installations match the expectations of quality and performance for all stakeholders.

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