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Sustainability, Certification & Simulation

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Hulley ECO

Our Hulley ECO team provide sustainability, simulation and certification services for the built-environment. Our experts are passionate about sustainable design and provide practical holistic advice on energy strategies, sustainability metrics, occupancy comfort and energy regulation. Our Hulley ECO team are experienced environmental engineers and this broad skillset provides an ideal platform for them to advise on the many and diverse range of sustainability considerations in a coherent and coordinated approach.

The ECO team work closely with our in-house MEP engineers and with the wider external project teams to ensure the successful development and integration of sustainable principles into the evolving building design. We support the project at all stages from initial concept, detail design through to construction and commissioning.

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BREEAM Accredited Professional

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Passivhaus certified designer

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CIBSE Certified Dynamic Simulation Modelling

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Operational Energy Analysis

We provide advice and analysis on all aspects of operational energy, carbon emission and costs relating to building and energy network strategies. We undertake feasibility studies and lifecycle analysis reports considering all aspects of low and zero carbon technologies, renewables as well as innovative and emerging technologies. Utilising bespoke analytical models, we assess energy strategies and inform the design of optimised, energy efficient building facades. 

  • Operational energy and carbon emission modelling

  • Energy strategy feasibility studies

  • Energy strategy lifecycle analysis

  • LZCT analysis

Our Services

Sustainability Assessment & Certification

Our qualified assessors have a wealth of experience and are well practiced in how to guide project stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes for each unique project and client.  Our ECO team are working in the forefront of developing sustainable certification standards including Passivhaus and SDAC. 




  • Technical Standards, Section 7

  • WELL

  • Passivhaus

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Environmental Comfort Analysis

We use Dynamic Simulation Modelling to predict environmental performance, informing designs and ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of occupants. We also use DSM simulation to provide the necessary supporting evidence for thermal comfort aspects of BREEAM, SDAC and Section 7 assessments.

  • Thermal comfort analysis

  • Air flow modelling

  • Air quality analysis

  • Daylight simulation 

  • Solar shading analysis

About Us

Energy Regulation & Certification

Our simulation engineers are qualified to the highest CIBSE certification levels in the use of Dynamic Simulation Modelling software to demonstrate regulatory compliance and energy performance certification. 

  • Part L & Section 6 Compliance

  • Energy Performance Certification

  • BRE ACD Non-Domestic Scotland

  • SAP Calculation

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