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Orkney Hospital 

We supported the reference design and provided technical advisor duties for the M&E services for this healthcare facility that has transformed the way healthcare services are delivered in the islands.

The hospital has been designed to put people first and make a positive contribution to the environment, local community and economy. The different spaces will act like an extension of a small town where different functional activities come together.

The design is a strong, contemporary building that is rooted in the culture and context of Orkney in general, but Kirkwall in particular.

An interrelated series of ‘streets’ and spaces are situated along patterns of established movement, arranged around a single central hub. The central hub space also provides reception, café, restaurant, shop and multi-faith area.

The M&E services design incorporates energy saving technologies throughout which assist in the delivery of BREEAM Healthcare Excellent standard.


  • Reference design & TA role.

  • BREEAM Healthcare Excellent.

  • Positive contribution to environment, economy and local community.

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