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Integrated Environmental Solutions 

European Metal Recycling Ltd (EMR) were developing a £17M recycling and gasification facility in Oldbury West Midlands which will be one of the UK's largest facilities dealing with post-shredder residues from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). The facility has a capacity to process up to 190,000 tonnes-a-year of the material which is left after ELVs are shredded, recovering metals, plastics and aggregates which will then be sent on to re-processors. The remaining material, wood, foam and plastics are then treated using gasification to initially generate up to 30 megawatt (MW) of electricity.

EMR Ltd formed a joint venture with US company, Chinook Sciences, who specialise and have developed gasification technology to develop the "first commercial scale venture" recovering materials and energy. Gasification involves heating material so that the organic matter is degraded and transformed into a synthetic gas, or 'syngas' which is then burnt to produce steam which, in turn, will drive 2No. 20MW steam turbines connected to electrical generators.

Vinci Construction UK Ltd was appointed by EMR to undertake on the project on a design & build basis subsequent to a tender competition requiring the submission of bid costs.

Hulley & Kirkwood were appointed by Vinci Construction as their M&E technical advisors for the project. 


  • One of UK’s largest facilities dealing with post-shredder residues from end of life vehicles.

  • Process up to 190,000 tonnes-a-year of material.

  • M&E technical advisors.

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